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At MAK Insights, we know that building trust with new clients is an endeavor not to be taken lightly. That’s why we offer a variety of cost-optimized "healthcheck" services across several of our practice areas to quickly identify opportunities for optimization and enhancement and make an impact for our clients.


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We partner with you to ensure your that your investments in people, processes, and technologies are balanced and provide maximal value by helping to converge your vision with that of your business partners.

  • CIO & board advisory

  • M&A evaluation

  • IT/Business convergence

  • The digital enterprise

  • Organizational transformation

  • Program & project management

  • Cloud & enterprise architecture


We engage with your team to identify the right balance of information security investments that provide the confidence necessary to allow you, your board, and your business partners, to sleep soundly.

  • Cybersecurity healthcheck

  • Interim / fractional CISO

  • Application security

  • Penetration testing

  • Solution / tool selection

  • Solution / tool implementation

  • End user training & awareness


We help you to understand your domestic and international data privacy obligations to employees, clients, and customers across a wide range of government and industry initiatives.

  • Privacy healthcheck

  • Privacy strategy

  • Privacy program design

  • Privacy impact assessment

  • Process analysis & data mapping

  • Privacy framework & controls

  • End user training & awareness


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We help you to gain a deeper understanding of your unique business, information, and technology risks and enable prudent risk-aware decisions to be formulated and undertaken.

  • Risk strategy

  • Risk benchmarking

  • Risk assessment  

  • Risk mitigation

  • Business continuity planning

  • Disaster recovery planning

  • Incident management planning


We help you to understand and operate within regulatory norms for key information regulations (e.g. SOX, PCI, HIPAA, GDPR) while promoting a corporate culture of compliance as part of your standard operating discipline.

  • Compliance healthcheck

  • Controls assessment

  • Controls definition

  • Controls implementation

  • Regulatory preparedness

  • End user training & awareness


We work with you and your teams to ensure the right structures are in place to facilitate informed decision making while providing timely 

insights to allow the course corrections needed to manage rapidly changing environments.

  • Governance healthcheck

  • Standard implementation (e.g. COBIT, ISO, NIST, or others)

  • Vision, mission, goals & objectives alignment to strategy

  • Supplier management

MAK Insights is a professional services consultancy focused on information technology that performs analysis and provides advice to some of the most widely recognized and respected brands in the financial services, healthcare, telecommunications and manufacturing verticals.